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The Garden Store & Nursery

The Garden Store & Nursery carries many items. Stop in or call to find out more about our selections.

* Trees
* Evergreens
* Shrubs
* Perennials, Annuals, Herbs & Veggies
* Planters & Pottery
* Seeds & Bulbs
* Gardening Supplies
* Fertilizers
* Organic Garden Products

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Design & Build Landscaping

Your dream outdoor paradise can be a reality! We design and install personal and unique landscapes to meet your needs. Products include walls, patios, walkways, water features, pergolas, privacy plantings, outdoor fireplaces, custom fences, and decks.

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Commercial Landscaping

Own a business? Pittsford Tree and Landscape can give your business an exterior makeover. Products include walks, patios, retaining walls and custom designed plant installations.

We also provide snow plowing, salting, and shoveling for your roadways and driveways.